Ken displays a very strong work ethic in his furniture refinishing business. I have been very satisfied with his ability to do several types of furniture repair jobs with excellent outcomes. For example, Ken restored an old family-owned dining table and as a result the table is now in excellent usable condition. In addition, he also repaired a sectional ottoman back to a renewed state.

Being highly satisfied with Kenís work, I decided to have Ken refinish my entire kitchen and butler pantry cabinets in the fall of 2007. The outcome was absolutely fabulous! With the refinishing alone, my dated-looking kitchen transformed into a new fresh- looking and up-to-date condition. Honestly, the outcome looked as though the whole kitchen had been re-done!

My cabinets are cherry wood but had a very dated plain brown finish with brass pulls. There were nearly 55-60 cabinet surfaces including doors and drawers to be stripped and refinished, in addition to the bases of all the cabinets.

Ken did a great job in offering up several different colors available for the cabinets by staining the inside of one of the cabinet doors. From that point, two different stains were chosen and for a more innovative design, the island was painted red and black-washed by Ken. Six detailed corbels were painted and black-washed as well on the island.

Ken did a very clean sanding of all the base cabinets to start the job and continued with the staining in a very timely and diligent fashion until the job was completely finished down to the last detail. A lot of the finishing touches were carefully done by Ken which included some installing and mitering of moldings, plugging holes in the wood, installing over 55 knobs and pulls, adjusting the cabinet doors and doing it all in a very timely, neat and professional manner.

My overall satisfaction of the work done by Ken Netti is: excellent! Being a content and happy customer, I would highly recommend Ken Netti of Custom Furniture Refinishing.

Peggy, Northville, Michigan
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Thanks for doing a great job on the furniture. Just the "medicine" they needed.

Jim Nield, Northville, MI

Mr. Ken Netti refinished several pieces of furniture which had sustained damage.  He also totally stained and sealed new custom-made bookcases which covered two entire walls. His workmanship was excellent and all the finished work is beautiful.  Considering the bookcases which took extensive amount of time, he appeared to have a personal interest in doing a beautiful job on them.  He was in the home alone and nothing was touched or disturbed.  I would certainly use him in the future and gladly recommend him to others.

Roslyn L. Steiman,  Milford, MI

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my furniture. The tops you made for my new dressers were so perfect, no one would ever guess that it did not come that way, they were and are beautiful.  I can honestly say that if I ever need anything done to my other furniture I certainly know who to call. Thanks so much.

Mrs. Maureen Naughton,  Novi, MI